Tokyo based artist, Minoru Nomata (b. 1955) will have his first solo exhibition outside of Asia at the De La Warr Pavilion this summer, bringing together works made over the last thirty years of his career.

Exhibition Dates: 21st May 2022 – 4th September 2022

Event Location: De La Warr Pavilion, First Floor Gallery.

The visionary paintings of Minoru Nomata depict imaginary landscapes that transcend time and place. Featuring architectural superstructures and topographical forms devoid of human presence, his uncanny depictions are portals into mysterious and uncertain worlds.

Growing up in Tokyo’s industrial district of Meguro during a period of rapid urban and economic growth in Japan, Nomata became fascinated by the structural design of factories, chimneys, and water towers. At the Tokyo University of the Arts he studied European and Asian art, particularly classical Islamic patterns, and became drawn to the Machine Age and the modernism of American Precisionist, Charles Sheeler. It is these formative influences that have remained a constant in how Nomata creates each of his works, which blend the industrial, the fantastical, the archaic and the futuristic. Brutalist in beauty, aerodynamic in form and ambient in their atmosphere, Nomata’s landscapes are meditations on an ever-changing world and vehicles to alternative futures. This is the first exhibition of his work to be presented outside of Asia.

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Featured Image: Minoru Nomata, Gekka-4, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and White Cube