Off the Beaten Track looks under the skin of Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings and celebrates the hidden gems in these iconic coastal towns.
If you like to make your own discoveries when visiting a place and like to live like a local then this is the trail for you. The less glamorous restaurant that has the best dish in town or the specialty artisan hidden down an alley that will welcome you in for a cup of tea.

We have chosen key areas that we think you might enjoy and made some suggestions to get you started.

Devonshire Ward – Eastbourne
Otherwise known as Seaside, the Devonshire Ward sits east of Eastbourne Pier and proudly hosts the Redoubt Fortress, fisherman’s cottages and a huge range of independent businesses.

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Independent Galleries – East Sussex
Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings boast three award winning contemporary art galleries and lots of excellent independent galleries. All are very different and show case a mixture of local talent, specific disciplines and international artists. I visited three of my favorites.

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St Leonard’s – Hastings
Described recently as Hackney-on-Sea, St Leonard’s is a cultural mixing pot of galleries, wine shops, antiques and a hot new burger joint.

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Being Active – Bexhill
With a brand new promenade and an award winning rowing club, Bexhill is shaking off it’s sleepy image and puling on the lycra. There are free activities for all ages and more than enough for visitors to feel inspired.

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Robertson Street – Hastings
Wandering around with a dog for company has never been easier by the sea. I visited Robertson Street in Hastings to find independent wine shops, boutique home wares and a new gallery in a former print house.

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